FAQs for Owners

You support VRBO owners? What are my support options?

If you are a VRBO customer you can contract with us for Primo Destinations marketing and support services and/or for Primo Destinations local site management services delivered through our franchise network (if available).

What is included in marketing and support services?

First you become part of the Primo Destinations network of luxury vacation rental properties which are marketed directly to guests nationwide. This includes a listing on our website and access to five web-based third party marketing channels including VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey Airbnb.com and Resorts and Lodges. We also save you time and the hassle of managing the reservation process including responding to inquiries, booking reservations and all pre-guest arrival communications. Finally our automated systems and credit card processing facility handle guest deposits, pays the local & state sales taxes and provide you with a monthly payment.

What do your marketing and support services cost?

We charge a flat fee of 10% of the net rental amount. There are no extra fees for any of the third party marketing channel expenses.

Who pays for the credit card processing fees?

The guest pays a credit card booking fee as part of the reservation process allowing you, as owner, to receive 100% of the revenue less our fee and the applicable state and local sales tax.

How about local services for guest management, housekeeping, maintenance and concierge services?

In markets served by a Primo Destinations local franchisee, a full list of site based services are generally available for additional fees.

Can you provide full vacation rental services if I choose not to self perform?

Yes you can upgrade services at any time.

What happens if I don't like the service? Can I cancel?

The terms of the Primo Destinations listing agreements are one year but they are cancellable at any time with sixty days notice without cause or penalty. However, to qualify for the Primo Destinations guarantee you must fulfill a complete year.

How does the Primo Destinations guarantee work?

We understand that any change has risk. So, for the first year, we guarantee that your net rental revenue will increase by at least 10% (which will cover our fee), or we will pay you back on a dollar for dollar basis for up to 100% of our fee at contract termination.

FAQs for Franchisees

How does a Primo Destinations franchise work?

For an initial franchise fee of $30,000, you purchase exclusive rights to a Primo Destinations franchise territory. We support you at our expense with property marketing, reservations, financial services and pre-stay guest communications. You have the responsibility for managing the local operation including guest check-in/check-out, housekeeping, maintenance and the delivery of concierge services (optional). You also have the responsibility for recruiting property owners in your territory to list their vacation rental properties with us to add to your portfolio.� We will receive an ongoing fee of 12% of the net rents collected from renters of properties in your portfolio.

What are the advantages of a Primo Destinations franchise vs. starting my own vacation rental business from scratch?

It usually takes 2-3 years and up to $250,000 to start a luxury vacation rental business. A franchise can greatly reduce the cost, time and risk of starting a business. The total cost to start a Primo destinations franchise is $39,970-$77,000(which includes the franchise fee) That is a fraction of the cost of what it would take to create your own booking website, acquire and implement property management software, hire office staff for reservation management and financial support, and invest in third party marketing channels. A Primo Destinations? franchise empowers local entrepreneurs by providing not only the technology and infrastructure to immediately begin delivering services but also the expertise to run a successful vacation rental business. Our ideal franchise candidate is an individual with property management and sales experience, which are the two most important ingredients to create a successful local vacation rental business. Finally, the Primo Destinations? brand and existing portfolio of luxury properties will give you instant credibility to compete with the �big boys� for the most profitable part of the vacation rental industry -- the luxury home segment.

What is included in the 12% management fee?

The Primo Destinations management fee may seem like a lot at first, but remember that it includes: a sophisticated technology platform including a Primo Destinations mobile app for guest management; all third party property marketing costs including VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey and AirBnB which are large up-front expenses; reservations handling; a credit card processing and sales and local tax payment system; and all pre-stay guest communications. Plus, we are aligned to help you succeed here and to help you grow your business with training and advice every step of the way.

What are the commission rates for vacation rental managers?

Commission rates vary widely by territory and property, but typically range from 20-35% of net rental amount.

What other services do Primo Destination franchises provide?

We will train you to provide a second significant source of revenue from property maintenance.� Most vacation rental companies view maintenance as cost of doing business, rather than a profitable center.� We will show you how you can build this into a profitable second source of revenue that can provide you with year-round income.

What type of training and support do you offer?

All Primo Destinations franchisees are required to attend a two day training session at our location Florida. This is followed up with onsite training at your location with the successful acquisition and on-boarding of your first vacation rental property clients. Our management team has over 25 years experience helping entrepreneurs create, operate and grow successful businesses. We also provide a comprehensive 200-page franchise manual filled with our best practices, processes and tips for running a successful vacation rental business including our proprietary "Raving Fans" customer satisfaction system for guest management.

Who should I contact for more information?

Bob Dickhaus
Tel: (850) 737- 1839
Email: bdickhaus@primodestinations.com
Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-dickhaus-848a0b41

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