Primo Destinations Franchise Information

Raising Expectations

Primo Destinations is seeking qualified franchise partners to expand our brand in luxury markets.

Primo provides: A national brand, property marketing, cloud-based technology and financial services that support our vacation rental partners. Explore the franchise model that Primo has created below.


  • A national brand
  • Training on running a successful vacation rental company
  • A state of the art technology platform
  • Centralized property marketing and reservation management
  • Financial services


  • The sales of owner listing agreements
  • On-site property management


  • Lower cost of entry for starting a vacation rental business
  • Faster time to market
  • Higher probability of success for business owners
  • Faster path to profitability


  • Previous property management experience
  • Working capital of a minimum of $50,000 which includes a $35,000 initial franchise fee
  • Payment of 8% of vacation rental revenues
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Redefining the luxury vacation rental industry.

The information on this website, ( does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. We offer franchise opportunities only through our written Franchise Disclosure Document. In those states that require registration of a franchise opportunity, Primo Destinations will not make any offer of a franchise until after we have obtained effective registration of our franchise. To find out about Primo's current status in your state, please contact Primo Destinations.